Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace

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Januar 1979



Arthur S. Link, currently engaged in collecting and publishing the Wilson papers, here edits a profile concerned with the search for Wilson's personality. He feels that Ray Stannard Baker in his official biography to a large degree imposed his own personality profile on Wilson, painted him "too good to be true - or human." To counter the aspect of the prim intellectual, these pieces, from Georgia boyhood, as a student at the University of Virginia, as a young teacher at Wesleyan (particularly engaging), as Princeton professor and President, New Jersey Governor and President of the United States, from people who knew him when - friends, students, colleagues, historians, his physician. Wilson emerges as a genuine human being, whose personal charm was as characteristic as his idealism. Wilson's contributions are also considered. A winning profile. (Kirkus Reviews)


Preface vii 1 Wilson the Diplomatist 1 2 Wilson and the Problems of Neutrality, 1914-1917 21 3 Wilson and the Decisions for War 47 4 Wilson and the Liberal Peace Program 72 5 Wilson and the Fight for the League of Nations 104 Bibliographical Essay 129 Index 133
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