Geology and Plant Life: The Effects of Landforms and Rock Types on Plants

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Demonstrates the role of landforms and rock types in producing the geographical distributions of plants and in stimulating evolutionary diversification.


Arthur R. Kruckeberg is the author of "The Natural History of Puget Sound Country" and "Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest." He is professor emeritus of botany at the University of Washington.


"[Kruckeberg] draws on many years of botanical experience to make an eloquent plea for understanding the influences of landforms, lithology, and geologic history on the living world." -- Quarterly Review of Biology "No other recent book covers these interconnected series of subjects with as broad a scope." - Choice "[A] fine book and a very approachable overview of the intersections between geology and the plant sciences." - Madrono "[A] provocative work with a detailed and fascinating perspective for the serious student of nature, including any enthusiast of plants and their rocks...In this work you will thoroughly explore a unique concept that will enhance your appreciation for the natural richness of the earth's landscape." -- Rock Garden Quarterly "Geology and Plant Life has a unique place in scientific literature. It brings together geology and botany in an understandable, integrated synthesis." -- Native Plant Society of Oregon Bulletin
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