Fifty Years the Queen: A Tribute to Elizabeth II on Her Golden Jubilee

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September 2002



This tribute examines the life of this outstanding personality and monarch, with emphasis on her Canadian experiences.


Democracy; Representation; The Legislature; Political Parties; Democratic Reforms; Towards Democratic Self-Rule; Implementation.


Arthur Bousfield is editor of Monarchy Magazine. Garry Toffoli is executive director of The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust. They have written for a number of years on royal and heritage subjects and are the authors of Royal Spring, Royal Observations, and the best-selling The Queen Mother and Her Century.


A wonderful keepsake book with beautiful photographs and illustrations. -- Liz Grogan -- Good Times On the whole, this book leaves the reader with admiration for a woman who has worked so hard and so long to fulfil her duty as she sees it. Unless youve been following the Queens career very closely, which is not easy to do, Fifty Years The Queen will tell you much that you never knew. -- Elizabeth Cran -- The Guardian It is a fitting tribute to the Queen of Canada that should delight the monarchists and serve as a needed education for those who pay too little attention to the institution. -- David Green -- The Leader Post A uniquely Canadian flavour. -- The Hamilton Spectator
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