Chicken Soup with Barley

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This play has at its centre the female protagonist of Sarah Kahn - a generous provider of love and provisions in the home, and a passionate supporter of socialism. Working against her untrustworthy husband to keep her family together, this is the story of a Jewish woman's struggle in the face of political and personal disillusionment.


Arnold Wesker is one of Britain's seminal post-war playwrights. His varied writings include essays, short stories, poetry, journalism and 49 plays, which have been translated into 18 languages. His other plays include The Kitchen, Roots, Chips with Everything and Shylock.


It reminds us of Wesker's rare gift for generating strong emotion while encompassing big ideas. -- Michael Billington The Guardian 20110608 The play...has a deep core of humanity. Its title is a reference to a memorable, evocative flavour that remains after everything has gone - a reminder of the warm, enduring nourishment afforded by friendships. -- Henry Hitchings Evening Standard 20110608 Chicken Soup with Barley (1958) is warm, untidy, passionate and garrulous... This is a play that genuinely combines the personal and the political. -- Charles Spencer Daily Telegraph It has a deep vein of humanity running through it. -- Sarah Hemming Financial Times Wesker's intimate portrait of a Jewish, East End family falling apart also has epic sweep. -- David Jays Sunday Times What makes the play so powerful is that Wesker never uses it as a soapbox. His political intelligence is shaped by ambiguity, subtlety and his warm heart. -- Observer Kate Kellaway
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