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Juni 1991



Metaphysics is the study of existence at the highest level of generality. This book presents key topics that have always figured on the agenda of metaphysics: the nature and rationale of existence, the differentiation of what is actual from the unreal and mere possibility, and the prospects and limits of our knowledge of the real.


"A satisfying and highly accessible exposition of major topics in contemporary metaphysics. Rescher achieves a remarkable synthesis that sensitively integrates Aristotelian realism with a Kantian justification of presuppositions about the existence of a common external world. Rigorously argued with detailed excursions into vital concepts concerning our knowledge of reality, its complexity, lawfulness, and modality, this new book will be profitably read by students and professionals for its valuable insights and new directions in scientific ontology and epistemology." -- Dale Jacquette, Professor of Philosophy, The Pennsylvania State University
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