Chalk Talk Stories

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Storyteller_librarians, teachers, and parents_ seeking a unique variation to traditional storytelling will welcome this collection of twelve chalkboard stories. Pre-school through grade 3.


Arden Druce was a school librarian for twenty-one years, serving elementary, junior, and senior high schools. Now retired, she also taught grades one through six and is the author of Library Lessons for Grades 7-9, Revised ed. (Scarecrow, 1996) and Chalk Talk Stories (Scarecrow, 1993).


This valuable work will be a fine addition to any collection that serves children. Library Lane ...drawings are simple and laid out very clearly, and one need not be artistic to draw a decent copy...will be very useful for the teacher or librarian responsible for creating an ongoing storytime program. School Library Journal Drawing stories are a great addition to any story time...This large format paperback contains a dozen original stories: animal stories, stories to tell on holidays, birthdays, rainy days, or any day...The author gives some helpful suggestions for telling, so that there's plenty of opportunity for questions, explanations, class participation, surprise endings and follow-up-making the most of the whole story-drawing experience. The Story Bag: A Storytelling Newsletter This is a wonderful tool for those people who are not comfortable storytellers. -- Megan Mills, Davis School
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