Fire Safety in the Washington Home

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Fire Safety in the Washington home is a non-fiction, children's book that talks about fire safety. Your child's safety is imperative. Children need to know the importance of fire drills and having a designated meeting place. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their children are aware of the dangers of playing with matches and other fire hazards. It is a serious danger in our communities, and unfortunately, many lives are lost at the hands of children when they are playing with matches and lighters. Years ago, a Public Education/Public Information Officer, Las Vegas Fire Chief David Washington, invited the neighborhood children to his home and taught them, as well as his own children about fire safety. He ensured that the children knew the importance of fire safety. He felt that it was his duty to protect the children from their own curiosity that could endanger all. In this book, one of his daughters, April Washington, tells one story of their many lessons.

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