Making of a Global Engineer: Philosophy and Practice

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Making of a Global Engineer: Philosophy and Practice interfaces Technology and Culture. With the operation of technology on a global scale comes the question of dealing with a global professional environment with its diverse languages, beliefs, educational, technical work environment and academic and corporate culture. This leads to the conclusion that technology and cross-cultural issues are intrinsically entwined in global engineering. The book explores the global engineering environment and the consequent need for the global engineer, possessing not only technical skills but language, cultural and international skills. It explores engineering educational models for integrating international education into the engineering curriculum, focuses on differences and commonality in Higher Educational system, examines cross-cultural issues related to crossing cultural boundaries and focuses on fundamental global skills an engineer must possess to be "a global engineer." It also provides a practical guide for administering international programs in engineering. The material is organized to give a direction; an educational path a reader can follow to become a global engineer. Making of a Global Engineer: Philosophy and Practice is a valuable educational tool for the global technical enterprise needed both by academia to train students and by industry for training engineers. The book acts as a guiding force as it answers the twin questions of "Why?" and "How?" related to global education.

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