Mind Works: Technique and Creativity in Psychoanalysis

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April 2009



Is the analyst's mind a factor in the analytic process? In Mind Works Antonino Ferro uses clinical material such as detailed reports of sessions, together with client's analytic histories, to develop Bion's original findings and illustrate complex concepts in the field of psychoanalytic technique. These concepts include: interpretive modalities the end of analysis psychosomatic pathologies narcissism Mind Works: Technique and Creativity in Psychoanalysis also suggests that dreaming is a fundamental moment in analytic work, and Ferro discusses how dreams can go beyond the present to become a continuous act of the mind in the waking state, allowing internal and external stimuli to be transformed into thoughts and emotions. Focusing on how the minds of the analyst and the analysand work in psychoanalysis, this book will appeal to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists and will be helpful in psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic work on a day-to-day basis.


Screenplays and Film Sets. Digressions on Interpretation. Psychosomatic Pathology or Metaphor: Problems of the Boundary. Homosexualities: A Field Ripe for Ploughing. A Model of the Mind and its Clinical Implications: How to Turn Back in Order to Move Forward. Instructions for Seafarers and the Shipwrecked: Signals from the Analytic Field and Emotional Transformations. The Patient's Response to Interpretations and Events in the Field. Terminations Orthodox and Unorthodox. Narcissism and Frontier Areas.


in private practice, Pavia, Italy


" exceptional achievement." - Marco Conci, International Forum of Psychoanalysis "Ferro's style is highly original. He frequently uses vivid, surprising imagery and metaphor... His style is gentle and charming and... humane and wise." - Jean White, Psychodynamic Practice, Volume 17, Issue 3, 2011
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