The Wisdom of Master Nuno Oliveira by Antoine de Coux

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September 2012



This is the only English translation of 'Paroles du Maitre' by Antoine de Coux

Antoine de Coux, a magistrate in the Belgian Congo, was undoubtedly one of the most loyal students of Master Nuno Oliveira. From 1966, when they met and became close friends, until Oliveira's death in 1989, Antoine de Coux participated in the annual two-month training sessions that Nuno Oliveira held in Belgium. De Coux was a fine rider, watched every lesson and took copious notes, filling more than forty notebooks. He faithfully recorded the teachings and remarks of the Master. When Oliveira passed, de Coux decided to organize this great "memoir of a life experience," so that all riders could benefit from this knowledge. Nuno Oliveira was an exceptionally talented educator, gladly repeating his concepts with different descriptions to suit the level of understanding of his wide range of students.

Antoine de Coux did not live long enough to realize the completion of his work. Madame Suzanne Laurenty, who also followed Oliveira's courses, finished the editing project resulting in this seminal book. Concepts and quotations are organized and punctuated to be faithful to the Master's teaching. This collection of words of advice constitutes the Wisdom of Master Nuno Oliveira, and we trust the reader will find it valuable and practical. This book presents a coherent, rich and outstanding contribution to the equestrian literature and extends Nuno Oliveira's legacy in an extraordinarily life-like manner.

This one and only English edition is translated by Jean Philippe Giacomini.
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