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April 2001



A literary study of South African cultural changes since the end of apartheid from 1980 to present.


Contents: Introduction: Normalzation or Radical Democracy Radical Democracy and the Electoral Sublime Njabulo Ndebele and Radical-Democratic Culture Against Normalization: Cultural Identity from Below Staging Whiteness: Beckett, Havel, Maponya Locations of Feminism: Ingrid de Kok's Familiar Ground No Turning Back: Nise Malange and the Onset of Workers' Culture Lines of Flight: Bessie Head, Arthur Nortje, Dambudzo Marechera Epilogue: Postapartheid Narratives: The House Gun and Fools


Anthony O'Brien is Associate Professor of English at Queens College, City University of New York.


"In this rich and astute book, Anthony O'Brien introduces his readers to an array of writers and relates them to global, cultural, and political concerns. Subtly responsive to the increasing complexities both of postcolonial theory and culture in post-apartheid South Africa, Against Normalization advances postcolonial analysis on several significant fronts by embarking on a truly comparative approach to South African writing."- Rob Nixon, author of Homelands, Harlem, and Hollywood: South African Culture and the World Beyond "O'Brien brings together both familiar and unfamiliar literary and cultural material in South Africa without failing to wrestle with the enormous critical and theoretical problems concerning what connects and differentiates these diverse currents of literature, theater, and critical theory in South Africa."- Biodun Jeyifo, Cornell University "An important, topical, beautifully written, challenging, and always interesting book. Delicately melding close reading with political vision, O'Brien presents a carefully contextualized introduction to South African writers of the last two decades and includes a consideration of their many genres."- Margaret Daymond, editor of South African Feminisms: Writing, Theory, and Criticism, 1990-1994
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