Maintenance Systems and Documentation

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"Managing Systems and Documentation" addresses the main systems necessary for the successful operation of a maintenance organization, such as performance control, work control and documentation. It shows how they can be modelled, their function and operating principles, and the main problems encountered in operation. It is the third of three stand-alone companion books with the aim of providing better understanding of maintenance operations, in order to identify problems and prescribe effective solutions.
This is one of three stand-alone volumes designed to provide maintenance professionals in any sector with a better understanding of maintenance management, enabling the identification of problems and the delivery of effective solutions.
* The third of three stand-alone companion books, focusing on the main systems necessary for the successful operation of a maintenance organization
* Covers the maintenance of plant, production and operations assets in industry and service sectors, including manufacturing, food and process engineering, minerals and mining, transport, power and IT
* Includes review questions, exercises and case studies
* Clearly specified objectives and learning outcomes are given for each chapter, including a route map to link each chapter to the rest of the topics covered


Introduction to maintenance management systems; Maintenance budgeting; Maintenance management control; Short term work planning and control; Management of shutdowns Part 1 Network Analysis; Management of shutdowns Part 2 Shutdown; Methodology; Spare parts management; Maintenance documentation systems; CMMS and maintenance information systems; Practical exercises in Business Cantered Maintenance Systems


Dr. Anthony Kelly is a maintenance consultant of many years' experience. He has carried out more than sixty major maintenance consultancy projects worldwide and over the last fifteen years he has also held industrial or visiting professorships at Central Queensland University (Australia), University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and Hogskolen I Stavanger (Norway).

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