Legal Positivism in American Jurisprudence

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This book represents a serious and sophisticated guide to modern American legal theory.


Acknowlegments; 1. Why study legal positivism; 2. Positivism and formalism; 3. The varieties of formalism; 4. Legal process and the shadow of positivism; 5. The false choice between the Warren Court and legal process; 6. Fundamental rights and the problem of insatiability; 7. New legal positivism and the incorporation of morality.


"...the great strength of Sebok's the ease with which he is able to demonstrate that so many of the great names of American jurisprudence were wrong in what they tried to teach us." Scott D. Gerber, The Law and Politic Book Review " excellent companion for collections on legal theory, history, and philosophy of law." Choice "Anthony Sebok's Legal Positivism in American Jurisprudence is a fine and important book, and it deserves to be read on both sides of the Atlantic by all those with an interest in Anglo-American legal history, Anglo-American legal theory, and the peculiar Anglo-American idea of positive law...Sebok participates in an important modern trend. Luckily for the readers of his book, Sebok is a better historian than he lets on, and his book rises above the personal journey that he promises." Rechtshistorisches Journal
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