Comparative Political Philosophy: Studies Under the Upas Tree

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April 2003



Comparative Political Philosophy: Studies Under the Upas Tree examines four major traditions of political philosophy and discusses similarities in their key ideas and assumptions. An intellectually daring enterprise, this fascinating volume focuses on key texts from Chinese, Indian, Western and Islamic political philosophy.


Chapter 1 Introduction to the Second Edition Chapter 2 The Comparative Study of Political Philosophy Chapter 3 Classical Western Political Philosophy Chapter 4 Modern Western Political Philosophy Chapter 5 Law and Society in Confucian Thought Chapter 6 Mao Zedong and His Political Thought Chapter 7 What Good is Democracy? The Alternatives in China and the West Chapter 8 Of Artha and the Arthasastra Chapter 9 Mahatma Gandhi's Critique of Modernity Chapter 10 Farabi and Greek Political Philosophy Chapter 11 Khomeini's Doctrine of Legitimacy


Anthony Parel is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Calgary. He is the author of Gandhi, Freedom, and Self-Rule (Lexington, 2000). Ronald Keith is Head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary, and is the author of numerous articles on China.


Comparative Political Philosophy breaks the taboo of treating nonwestern political thinking as untouchable... The publication of this book is an act of courage, and a landmark in the literature on political philosophy. The Book Review, (India)
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