Journey by Moonlight

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A wonderful hidden treasure from Central Europe named book of the year in "The Times, Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian "and the "Daily Telegraph "in the U.K.
"A great novel . . . Antal Szerb belongs with the master novelists of the 20th century."-Paul Bailey, "Daily Telegraph"
"No one who has read this book has failed to love it."-Nicholas Lezard, "The Guardian"
"A burning book, a major book."-George Szirtes, "Times Literary Supplement"
"Antal Szerb" was born in 1901 in Budapest. A prolific scholar who wrote books on drama and poetry, essays, studies of Ibsen and Blake and histories of English, Hungarian and world literature as well as two novels, he died in a concentration camp in January, 1945.


Antal Szerb was born in 1901 into a cultivated Budapest family of Jewish descent. Graduating in German and English, he rapidly established himself as a prolific scholar, publishing books on drama and poetry, studies of Ibsen and Blake, and histories of English, Hungarian and world literature. His first novel, The Pendragon Legend, was writtenin 1934. Journey by Moonlight appeared in 1937, followed in 1943 by The Queen's Necklace and various volumes of novellas. He died in a forced-labour camp at Balf in January 1945.


Never off our bestseller list, this radiant novel thoroughly deserves its place here London Review Bookshop No one who has read it has failed to love it. What is so wonderful about the book is its tone and its grasp of character... There is something almost divine about this and that Szerb's great intelligence didn't force him to produce a work of arid perfectionism makes it all the more remarkable -- Nicholas Lezard The Guardian Journey by Moonlight is a burning book, a major book -- George Szirtes Times Literary Supplement Szerb belongs with the master novelists of the 20th century -- Paul Bailey Daily Telegraph May Szerb's entry into our literary pantheon be definitive -- Alberto Manguel Financial Times [A] most important document regarding the opinions and literary orientation of the author's generation -- Miklos Szabolsci History of Hungarian Literature (1964)
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