Listen to My Heart: An Anthology of Life, Love and Loss

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Februar 2008



There are many times in the course of life when mere speech is not enough. This is where poetry can take over, filling the void between the emotion and the voice. This book takes you to the highest places of joy and the deepest depths of pain and fear. Listen to My Heart examines our response to physical and mental illness, and suffering of many kinds. It also explores the strength of love that is found within a family, and the role that a strong faith can play in difficult situations. Each poem has a life of its own, and although some may be extremely sad, there is always the glimmer of hope on the horizon, mirroring real life. So if you have had to suffer the anguish of cancer, dementia, abuse, mental illness or death of a loved one, you will find words that you will be able to identify with, and express your pain through. Read them silently, or shout them out aloud! Feel the power of poetry that can give strength in the most difficult of circumstances.

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