A Christmas Garland

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The 10th instalment in Anne Perry's Christmas crime novellas. It's 1857 and with only two weeks until Christmas, the British Army seeks justice for a crime so that the troops can enjoy the festive season.


Anne Perry is a New York Times bestselling author noted for her memorable characters, historical accuracy and exploration of social and ethical issues. Her two series, one featuring Thomas Pitt and one featuring William Monk, have been published in multiple languages. Anne Perry has also published a successful series based around World War One and the Reavley family, and the recent standalone novel The Sheen on the Silk. Anne Perry was selected by The Times as one of the twentieth century's '100 Masters of Crime'.


Delightful ... The perfect gift for a whodunit addict who likes to curl up with a good book after Christmas lunch -- Oxford Times 'A bite-sized mystery that could be fitted in after your Christmas lunch' -- Daily Telegraph
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Untertitel: As Christmas approaches, justice must be done. . Sprache: Englisch.
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