Fostering Community Through Digital Storytelling: A Guide for Academic Libraries

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Mai 2008



Digital stories are brief multi-modal digital videos which libraries can use to engage their staff members with one another, to market library services and collections, to attract donors, and most importantly, to engage students and faculty with the library. This title addresses the "how-tos" of creating digital stories.


Anne M. Fields is Education Librarian at Ohio State University. Karen R. Diaz is an Instruction Librarian at the Ohio State University Libraries, Columbus; previous positions include web librarian, reference librarian, and online coordinator.


"This book will be a useful resource to library managers; library programme co-ordinators; library marketing staff; and librarians. It is also suitable for college students, university administrators, and faculty members. The general reader will also benefit from this book to gain knowledge about digital storytelling for social networking in the new media.. . . The unique contribution of this book is that it focuses on the potential of digital storytelling in the niche area of academic libraries and in higher education to foster learning and community. This book is a useful resource and is recommended for both the library specialist and the general reader." - Program
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