Facilitating Reflective Learning in Higher Education

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Based on sound theoretical concepts, this book offer a range of solutions for different teaching situations, taking into account factors such as group size, physical space, and technology.


Acknowledgements to second edition
Acknowledgements to first editionPart I Learning and reflection
Our themes
Learning philosophies and principles
What is learning? - A review of learning theories
Requirements for reflection
Reflection and reflective practicePart II Facilitating learning and reflective practice
Academic practice and learning
Methods of reflection for tutors
Methods and assessment of reflective learning
Becoming a facilitator: Enabling reflective learning
Facilitation in practice: Basic skills
Facilitation in practice: Further skillsPart III Exemplars
Action learning (learning sets)
Academic supervision


Anne Brockbank combines passion for learning with experience of working in higher education in teaching, research, and developmental roles. She contributes to innovative programmes at City University, London, which incorporate reflective learning through facilitation. In addition, as a leading practitioner, she designs and supports personal and organizational learning in universities and other public and private sector organizations.
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