Check It Out: A Quick and Easy Guide for Writers

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What exactly "is" a dangling participle? What is a prepositional phrase? Following grammar rules is a basic necessity for good writing and communication skills, yet basic grammar rules often fall under the category of "assumed knowledge." Though many people get through their writing lives without knowing the "hows" and "whys" of grammatical construction, they don't realize the ways in which good grammar can directly influence good writing. A solid understanding of grammar can lead to writing that is more clear, more concise, and more pleasurable to read. These are the goals of "Check it Out." This book offers readers a simple, straightforward way to understand the most commonly encountered grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure difficulties. The authors avoid introducing unnecessarily complex grammar terminology, yet strive to ensure all explanations are thorough but concise. In addition to the sections on sentence level concerns, the book also provides brief introductions to the writing process and different types of writing. A separate section is also devoted to readers with special needs and readers for whom English is a second language. Writers, instructors of writing, second language learners, and anyone interested in improving their basic writing skills.


1.An Overview of Writing Techniques.
Audience and Purpose.Writing for Various Purposes.The Writing Process.Prewriting to Discover Ideas.Overcoming Writer's Block.Keeping a Reading List and Log.Developing a Style with Variety.Format Guidelines.
2.The Mechanics of Writing.
Introduction to Sentences.Types of Sentences.Avoiding Fragments.Avoiding Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences.Subject-Verb Agreement.Pronoun Basics.More about Pronouns.Irregular Verbs.Passive Voice and Active Voice.Spelling Patterns.Confusing Words.Apostrophes.Commas.Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes.Quotation Marks.Capitalization.
3.Types of Writing.
Paragraphs.Essays.Journal Writing.Responding to Literature.Research Papers.MLA Documentation.Online Communication.
4.ESL Issues.
Increasing Your Vocabulary with Idioms.Articles â a, an, and the.Prepositions.Helping Verbs.Present Tenses.Past Tenses.Future Tenses.Modal Verbs and More.Verbs Followed by Infinitives, -ing Forms, and Related Constructions.
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