The Internet and Instruction: Activities and Ideas Second Edition

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Juni 1998



Students can explore a variety of subjects with these cross-curricular Internet activities. Designed for educators and students, this guide to telecommunications and the Internet demystifies the technology and provides relevant, feasible, and easy-to-implement ideas and activities for the classroom. Expanded coverage of Web resources and cross-curricular activities are available in this new edition. Projects (arranged by subject area), encourage students to explore the Internet and help them learn in a variety of areas. All activities are presented in reproducible format and are readily integrated into the curriculum. The authors also give a basic overview of Internet access and navigation. A glossary, index, Internet resource list, and illustrations complete the work.


?The ideal first Internet book...a no-fuss and no-fear approach...Very well set out, clear and well headed...Would be useful across the curriculum for teachers and librarians.?-Orana
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