A Hut of One's Own: Life Outside the Circle of Architecture

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April 1998



An exploration of the smallest and simplest of dwellings offers answers to some of the largest and oldest questions about architecture. Cline blends autobiography, historical research, and cultural criticism in an original and imaginative attempt to rethink architecture by studying its boundary conditions and formative structures. 61 illustrations.


Part 1 Primitive huts: life in the margins; habitations; what is really at stake; landscapes recalled; interval - the hut in the backyard. Part 2 Experimental lives: cabinets of curiosity; little houses of pleasure; ritual, freedom and bondage; avant- or arriere-garde?; interval - the hut in the rotunda. Part 3 Ritual intentions: vision(s); uncanny arts and untenured lives; inside the stretch limo; making believe; interval - the hut as gallery. Part 4 Architects in transition: taken for granted; what architecture is; what architecture isn't; a hut of one's own; closing interval - the hut is the wasteland.


"Ann Cline has succeeded admirably in assessing the crisis ofarchitectural meaning in what seem to me to be the only authenticterms possible... It is the way Cline handles [her] themes--themature personal insight she invests them with--that give her book itsoriginality, its edge, and its profound humanity." Indra McEwan
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