Narrative Approaches in Play with Children

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November 2007



Ann Cattanach explains how children's stories and narratives, whether they are about real or imagined events, can be interpreted as indicators of their experiences, their ideas, and a dimension of who they are. She uses examples of children's stories from her clinical experience.


Introduction: What is Narrative Play?
1. The Therapeutic Relationship: Thinking about Children.
2. How Did I Begin?
3. Managing Past Traumas in the Present.
4. Making My World: Being in a Family.
5. School.
6. Monsters in my World: Coping with the Adult World
7. Books and Stories that Mirror the Child's Life Experiences. References. Subject index. Author index.


Ann Cattanach is a play therapist and dramatherapist in private practice in Scotland. She has wide experience of teaching and lecturing in drama, dramatherapy and speech communication, and has also worked as a child psychotherapist, family therapist and dramatherapist for Social Services and NHS Trusts. She has written many books including Process in the Arts Therapies, Play Therapy: Where the Sky Meets the Underworld and Play Therapy with Abused Children, all published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
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