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Februar 2002



Explores the links between white supremacist organizations and groups representing the religious right, specifically in Colorado, home of the most well known of these organziations, Christian Identity and Focus in the Family.


Acknowledgements; Preface The Violence of Culture: Countermemory and Niche Marketed Masculinity 1. Countermemory, Children and Ignorance-Power 2. Converging Case Studies: Body Politics as Brand Recognition Christian Identity, Scriptures for America, and Pete Peters 3. Mainstream Roots 4. Biblical Memories and the Erotics of Domination: "Not Politically Correct but Biblically Correct" 5. Nichemarketing the Apocalypse: Violence as Hard-Sell The Christian Right, Focus on the Family, and James Dobson 6. The Power of Soft-Sell Style: Building a Multi-million Dollar Ministry by Subverting Feminism 7.Remebering the Sixties as Pop Cultural Conspiracy: "Everyone's Best Interest Group" 8. Nichemarketing the Family Homestead: Rearticulating Mainstream Silences in the Romance of Privatism Conclusion 9. The Bowl, the Crossing-point, and the Moment After Notes; Select Bibliography of Secondary Sources; Index


Ann Burlein is Assistant Professor of Religion and Culture at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.


"In Lift High the Cross Ann Burlein crafts fascinating case studies exploring boundaries between the Christian Right and the Extreme Right. She simultaneously shows how both ideologies intersect, and share notions of a hierarchical natural order embedded in mainstream assumptions-themselves shaped by a cloaked history of cultural violence that we all share."-Chip Berlet, co-author of Right Wing Populism in America "Burlein's treatment of how modern society deforms the family and the Rights' response to this deformation is important in understanding the social price America pays for its 'success.' This is a brave and daring work" Donald Matthews, -"Lift High the Cross teaches scholars, activists, and a popular audience the all-important historical background and differences among various groups on the Right, but just as importantly, it also teaches a way of performing politics that demands both activism and thinking. This sophisticated discussion of politics, religion, and religious narratives could not be more timely, in particular because the activist left has had such a hard time grappling with religion." - Linda Kintz, author of Between Jesus and the Market: The Emotions that Matter in Right-Wing America
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