Case Management for Nurses

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August 2010



For all courses in case management for RN-BSN students, and for graduate courses in nursing with case management components.

This is a concise, up-to-date introduction to case management for all nurses and nursing students. It presents today's best practices for coordinating care and engaging interdisciplinary teams to deliver patient-centered care with active involvement from patients and families. Drawing on Institute of Medicine recommendations, it covers issues ranging from self-management to evidence-based practice, quality improvement to informatics. Section I clearly describes case management, and explains the case manager competencies, roles, responsibilities, tools, and ethical and legal obligations. Section II's unique Case Management Reader brings together current literature on case management issues ranging from costs to chronic illness. Critical thinking questions follow every article.


1. Introduction to Case Management 2. Case Management Models 3. Reimbursement: A Critical Case Management Issue 4. Reimbursement and Managed Care 5. Quality Improvement and Case Management 6. The Consumer and the Case Manager 7. Case Management Documentation and Tools Section II. Case Management Reader Introduction to Section II Issue 1: Case Manager Professional Issues Issue 2: Patient-Centered Care Issue 3: Quality Improvement Issue 4: Case Management: Costs, Reimbursement, and Utilization Review Issue 5: Chronic Illness Issue 6: Disease Management GLOSSARY INDEX
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