Weaving Work and Motherhood

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Juni 1999



Focusing on women in jobs that typify the vast majority of women's employment in the United States, sociologist and work and family expert Garey analyzes what it means to be at once a mother who is employed and a worker with children.


Acknowledgments 1. "Working Mothers" 2. Strategies of Being 3. "Calling the Shots": Voluntary Part-Time Workers 4. "Putting Your Feet in the Door": Involuntary Part-Time Workers 5. Motherhood on the Nightshift 6. Nine to Five: A Collection of Days 7. Sequencing: Patterns over the Life Course 8. Conclusion Notes References Index


"Path-breaking, brilliant, and a pleasure to read. The idea that women will be either career or home oriented is one that is long overdue for re-examination." --Arlene Kaplan Daniels, Professor Emerita, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University "Anita Ilta Garey carves out new terrain by unifying the study of work and family in women's lives. Rich in detail about working mothers' experiences, this book inaugurates a powerful framework for future research in family studies." --Maxine Baca Zinn, co-editor of Women of Color in U.S. Society (Temple) "A perceptive account, especially good at making visible the work activities and commitments of women in female-dominated and part-time positions." --Marjorie DeVault, author of Feeding the Family: The Social Organization of Caring as Gendered Work "This gem of a study points out the kinds of social solutions that are needed to address how to integrate daily family life with labor force participation. Using a hospital to find respondents who are employed in typically female-dominated occupations, Garey conducted in-depth interviews with women that have children about their individual work and family strategies. She dispels the myth that women choose between employment and family." --Rosanna Hertz, author of More Equal Than Others: Women and Men in Dual-Career Marriages
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