Gender Perspectives on Property and Inheritance: A Global Source Book

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Februar 2002



Legal and customary arrangements and practices govern women's rights to resources, such as land and housing. This book highlights women's unequal position in formal and customary laws and practices and the way in which gender relations affect mens and womens' access to property through inheritance. The introduction examines how gender relations define the ownership and control of property and the attention that the issue of gender equality has recieved in the development agenda. Five reviews from Latin America, Ivory Coast, South Africa, the Middle East and India focus on the disjuncture between law and practice in terms of womens' property and land rights, inheritance, access to resources, marriage and employment. The contributors also reflect on the importance of womens' participation in decision-making forums and the need for womens' political organisation and mobilisation in order to redress gender imbalances in land and inheritance rights. The book ends with a large resources section featuring an annotated bibliography, a list of relevant organisations and Web resources.


Acknowledgements; Preface; Acronyms; Introduction: Women and property, women as property; 1.Disjuncture in law and practise: women's inheritance of land in Latin America; Changing the meaning of marriage: women and family law in Cote d'lvoire; Family laws and gender discrimination: advocacy for legal reforms in the Arab region; Women, tenure and land reform: the case of Namaqualand's Reserves; Does land ownership make a difference? Women's role in agriculture in Kerala, India; Annotated bibliography; Web resources; about the authors


Sarah Cumming is Senior Consultant at CDC. Sarah is a founder editor and co-Chief Editor of the open access, peer reviewed Knowledge Management for Development Journal. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Hivos and of the Editorial Board of the journal, Development in Practice.
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