From Embargo to Ostpolitik: The Political Economy of West German-Soviet Relations, 1955 1980

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Professor Stent examines the development of Soviet-West German relations from both the Russian and German sides using extensive Soviet and West German sources. Hers is the first book in English to cover these topics. She has used a wide variety of materials including documents from the Kennedy administration and interviews with German government officials and business leaders.


List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. The German problem and linkage politics; 2. The long road to moscow: the origins of linkage, 1955; 3. From diplomacy to trade: 1955-1958; 4. Trade and the Berlin crisis: 1958-1961; 5. The pipe embargo: 1962-1963; 6. The failure of linkage: 1964-1968; 7. Brandt's Ostpolitik and the Soviet response: 1969-1970; 8. From Moscow to Bonn: the consolidation of Ostpolitik and Westpolitik, 1970-1980; 9. Beyond Ostpolitik and Westpolitik: the economics of detente; 10. Normalization and the future of Soviet-West German relations; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'Angela Stent's book is a scholarly and extremely readable and lively treatment of a subject which every reader of the daily press will acknowledge as being most timely. It illuminates the intricate connection between politics and economics in the relations between the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic of Germany. Hence the book is of great importance to anyone interested in the current dilemmas of US foreign policy particularly but not exclusively as regards Europe.' Adam B. Ulam, Director, Russian Research Center, Harvard University 'Provides penetrating new insights into German-Russian relations through the political-economic prism.' John P. Hardt, Associate Director, Congressional Research Service of the U.S. Congress 'Will be the standard work on recent West German-Soviet economic relations and their political implications.' William E. Griffith, Ford Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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