Great Lies to Tell Small Kids

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Februar 2006



From the benign (every ant you meet must be named) to the truly cruel (Ronald McDonald is dead!), each hilarious cartoon in this follow-up to Riley's hit book "The Book of Bunny Suicides" has a tall tale to educate children and entertain wicked adults everywhere.


Andy Riley is a scriptwriter for television and film. His credits include Trigger Happy TV, Smack the Pony, Black Books, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award-winning Robbie the Reindeer, and the new Disney animated film Gnomeo and Juliet--with a score by Tim Rice and Elton John. He draws a weekly comic strip called "Roasted" for The Observer magazine.


Praise for Andy Riley:
"Wonderfully deviant."--The Washington Post
"It's the funniest, bunniest book I've ever read."--Elton John
"Brilliantly researched.The most important book of the year."--Hugh Grant
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