Rings, Extensions, and Cohomology

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"Presenting the proceedings of a conference held recently at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, on the occasion of the retirement of noted mathematician Daniel Zelinsky, this novel reference provides up-to-date coverage of topics in commutative and noncommutative ring extensions, especially those involving issues of separability, Galois theory, and cohomology."


The Centralizer on H-Separable Skew Group Rings * Contributions of PI Theory to Asumaya Algebras * Cocycles and Right Crossed Products * Engel-Type Theorems for Lie Colour Algebras * Constructing Maximal Commutative Subalgebras of Matrix Rings * Galois extensions over Local Number Rings * Infinite Extensions of Simple Modules over Semisimple Lie Algebras * Smoothing Coherent Torsion Free Sheaves * Projective Covers and Quasi-Isomorphisms * On Dihedral Algebras and Conjugate Splittings * On H-skew Polynomial Rings and Galois Extensions * Separability and the Jones Polinomial * A Note on Groebner Bases and Reduced Ideals * Bicomplexes and Galois Cohomology * Adjoining Idempotents * Separable Polynomials and Weak Henselizations * Faithful Representations of Lie Algebras over Power Series * Idealizers of Fractal Ideals in Free Group Algebras * Elements of Trace Zero in Central Simple Algebras * Canonical Modules and Factorality of Symmetric Algebras * Splitting Properties of Extensions of the Wedderburn Principal Theorem.
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