Paul Graham

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Paul Graham is a British photographic artist based in London. His work exploits the classic genres of photography, from still life to portraiture, to create a poetic vision of the social and psychological landscape, from Belfast to Tokyo.




Andrew Wilson is an art historian, critic and curator living in London. He has been a regular contributor to Art Monthly since 1991 and Deputy Editor since 1997. Gillian Wearing is an artist living in London. Winner of the 1997 Turner Prize, Wearing is internationally known for her video and photography based work. She is the subject of a monograph in Phaidon's Contemporary Artists series. Carol Squiers is Curator at the International Center of Photography, New York. Fomerly Senior Editor at American Photo (1990-2000), Squiers has contributed to numerous publications, including the New York Times, Artforum and Aperture.


'The perfect composition and intense colour of Graham's photographs create a social and cultural map for our times.' (Marie Claire) 'Phaidon's new volume capably summarizes Graham's career and analyses his creative strategies in intelligent and lucid essays.' (Hot Shoe International) 'The boldest, best executed, and most far-reaching publishing project devoted to contemporary art. These books will revolutionize the way contemporary art is presented and written about.' (Artforum) 'The combination of intelligent analysis, personal insight, useful facts and plentiful pictures is a superb format invaluable for specialists but also interesting for casual readers, it makes these books a must for the library of anyone who cares about contemporary art.' (Time Out) 'A unique series of informative monographs on individual artists.' (The Sunday Times) 'Gives the reader the impression of a personal encounter with the artists. Apart from the writing which is lucid and illuminating, it is undoubtedly the wealth of lavish illustrations which makes looking at these books a satisfying entertainment.' (The Art Book)
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