Beaufighter Aces of World War 2

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Entering service at the end of the Battle of Britain, the pugnacious Bristol Beaufighter was deployed in numbers by Fighter Command just in time for the start of the Luftwaffe’s night ‘Blitz’ on Britain. Flown by specialised nightfighter squadrons – several of them elite pre-war Auxiliary Air Force units – it was the first nightfighter to be equipped with an airborne radar as standard. Thus equipped, it combined the ability to ‘see’ the enemy at night with the devastating hitting power of four cannon and six machine guns. This book covers the exploits of the men who made ace in the Beaufighter and includes stunning original artwork together with first hand accounts of the action.


UK-based nightfighter operations - the 'Blitz'; UK-based Coastal fighter ops; UK-based bomber support ops; Malta-based nightfighter ops 1941-2; Desert-based fighter ops; North African - ie Op Torch nightfighter ops; Mediterranean & Italian-based nightfighter & coastal fighter ops; USAAF nightfighter ops in North Africa and the Mediterranean; Indian-based nightfighter ops; Burma offensive fighter ops; RAAF ops in New Guinea & Dutch East Indies; Appendices


Andrew Thomas is one of Britain's pre-eminent RAF researchers, having published numerous squadron histories. He is presently a serving officer in the RAF. Arguably the finest profile artist in the business, John Weal's love of German aircraft makes his work a treat for students of the subject. He has written several Aircraft of the Aces volumes, and for the Combat Aircraft series, volumes 1: 'Junkers JU 87 Stukageschwader 1397-41' and 6: 'Junkers JU 87 Stukageschwader of North Africa and the Mediterranean'.


"Andrew Thomas does the plane and its crews justice on all fronts, backed by the usual wealth of photographs and 30 color profiles that reflect the many varied environments under which it fought." -Jon Guttman, "Military History"
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