A Poet's Living: (Opus Three)

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November 2007



The book you are now holding is what some say is the work of The Poet of the 21st Century. Andrew Taafe writes in a classical style but he is very new age. "A Poet's Living" - (Opus Three) drives the mind forward towards the deep beauty of things with an extraordinary quality. Just as every flower is unique to itself, so is every poem and illustration. The sounds of the words are wonderfully filled with heart and soul. Every poem is a set-up to the next one that follows. The poems are poignant pleasure to read. Classical, tragical, comical, ironical, cynical, lyrical, and elegant. This collection reclaims the beauty of humanity that our world and its cultures seem to neglect to see what is precious and eternal. The subject matter on these pages are remarkable and rare. It's all there, a tapestry of words filled with radiance. To Andrew Taafe, poetry has his life's deepest creative passion and with these poems, all 72 of them, are natural. They loom of perception and feeling with a language that makes them seem effortless to read.

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