Hitler and Churchill

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Choosing Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, two totally opposite leaders--both in what they stood for and in the way they appeared to lead--award-winning historian Andrew Roberts examines the subtleties of political and military leadership. Drawing intriguing parallels with leaders from other eras, and incisively examining those aspects of leadership that Hitler and Churchill had in common, Roberts arrives at a series of fascinating conclusions. Andrew Roberts is the author of "Eminent Churchillians" and "Salisbury: Victorian Titan, "winner of the Wolfson History Prize.


Andrew Roberts took a first in Modern History at Gonville & Caius, Cambridge. He won the WOLFSON History prize for his biography, SALISBURY: VICTORIAN TITAN. He writes and reviews regularly in the press. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Liberature.


'Writing with his customary verve and wit -- Christopher Hirst THE INDEPENDENT 'he presents his material impressively... the relaxed, lucid prose is accessible to anyone with an interest in the topic.' OBSERVER 'it is an illuminating essay on the two behemoths written in an accessbile and often witty style -- Martin Tierney THE HERALD 'this superb book.' SUNDAY TIMES
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