What Pupils Say: Changing Policy and Practice in Primary Education

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Januar 2001



The result of a research project, this work, an attempt to report on what has actually been happening in our schools, answers such questions as: what difference have education reforms made to pupils' experience in schools? and how has recent education policy impacted on children today?


Part 1: introduction and research methods; overview of issues; research design and methodology. Part 2: changing contexts; childhood in England in the 1990s; educational changes in the 1990s. Part 3: pupil experience; curriculum; teacher-pupil relationships; learning; assessment. Part 4: conclusion.


Andrew Pollard taught across the age range before becoming at teacher educator, researcher and Director of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP). He is currently Director of ESCalate at the University of Bristol and a Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. Pat Triggs is Research Associate at the University of Bristol, UK.


"This book is immensely important: it is engagingly written, clearly and helpfully structured, and compelling in both its detail and its broader intellectual utterly devastating critique of contemporary approaches to educational reform"
Journal of Educational Change, 2003
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