The Unbeatable Martin Brodeur

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März 2009



If Martin Brodeur isn't the greatest goalie who ever played in the NHL, then who is? He has won three Stanley Cups, played every game of his career for the same team, and is certain to break the three most important records a goalie can possess -- most career shutouts, most wins, and most games played. Martin Brodeur is unbeatable and without question stating that he is the best that the game has ever seen would be impossible to argue. Brodeur's rise to the top of the NHL was swift. His dominance was enduring, and his level of play year after year has been without equal. "The Unbeatable Martin Brodeur" chronicles his career from his early childhood playing amateur hockey in Montreal to his NHL debut in New Jersey, his Stanley Cup performances and his Olympic glory. From his first shutout along his record-breaking route through the first 15 years of his extraordinary life in hockey, The Unbeatable Martin Brodeur is an exciting and informative look at one of the most admired players to ever lace up skates.

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