Property Investment Appraisal

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November 2007



This is the ideal text for all those studying property investment appraisal, property valuation and commercial and industrial property. It is also directly relevant to property professionals, valuation surveyors, investment analysts and property market researchers.The new edition remains a major critical work, outlining the limitations of UK property investment appraisal and valuation whilst still providing readers with enough practical application to help them undertake appraisals.


Part 1 Introduction. .
Chapter 1 Property investment appraisal in its context.
Chapter 2 Principles of investment analysis.
Part 2 Conventional Market Valuation Models.
Chapter 3 The evolution of conventional appraisal techniques.
Chapter 4 The current conventional market valuation models.
Part 3 Contemporary Market Valuation Models .
Chapter 5 Contemporary growth explicit valuation models.
Chapter 6 Contemporary freehold market valuation.
Chapter 7 Contemporary leasehold market valuation.
Part 4 Valuation : The Assessment of Worth.
Chapter 8 Property investment analysis : the assessment of worth.
Part 5 Case Study and Conclusions.
Chapter 9 Value and price : a case study.
Chapter 10 Conclusions


Andrew Baum , Professor Land Management, University of Reading; Neil Crosby, also a Professor of Land Management at Reading. Both are well known in authors and researchers in this field - as well as being experienced consultants.
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