Research Into Practice 2/E

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A reader for nurses and the caring professions. It offers examples of research, concerned in some way with nursing or the study of health and community care. It stresses on evidence-based practice, action research and self-evaluation.


A: Observing and participating
Labouring in the dark
a developmental influence?
A postscript to nursing
B: Talking to people and asking questions
Leaving to it to Mum
Planning research
a case of heart disease
Home helps and district nurses
Studying policy and practice
C: Controlled trials and comparisons
Treatment of depressed women by nurses
The mortality of doctors in relation to their smoking habits
Ethnic variation in the female labour force
a research note


Pamela Abbott is Professor and Director of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Teesside. She has previously worked at the Universities of Derby, Plymouth and Brighton when she had considerable experience of teaching nurses and other health care professionals. She is a well known researcher in the field of health and community care.
Roger Sapsford is Senior Lecturer in Research Methods at the Open University. He was previously employed by the Home Office Research Unit and in market research. He is an experienced designer and teacher of research methods courses.


" is really hard to find fault with what is presented...I recommend this book wholeheartedly. It will be thought- provokingto many, including tutors and students of educationalpolicy...I wouldencourage anyone working in HE to read it since it does much to explain the situation in which we find ourselves." - Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education "The book isdesigned to provoke debate and it assuredly will, but the debate willbe one that throws more light than heat on the problems in question, because the book is written with sensitivity to the susceptibilities of traditional academics as well as of captains of industry. The authors are all expert in their fields and they write well." - The New Academic
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