Seeing Through Paintings

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A comprehensive discussion of materials, techniques and condition issues in Western easel paintings from mediaeval times to the present.


Andrea Kirsh is an independent scholar and critic. Rustin S. Levenson is conservation director of Rustin Levenson Art Conservation Associates, New York City, and Florida Conservation Associates, Miami.


"An essential handbook for the pro, and also a beautifully illustrated primer for the layperson. Kirsh and Levenson teach the most valuable lessons about painting of all: how meanings, material, and techniques are bound up together." John Walsh, former director, J. Paul Getty Museum "Every element of Kirsh and Levenson's book is smart, concise, and informative. It is the essential book on its subject." Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle "A long overdue book with direct relevance for modern students of the history of art." Libby Sheldon, Burlington Magazine "Lavishly illustrated and lucidly written, Seeing Through Paintings will fascinate anyone with more than a passing interest in art." Virginia Quarterly Review
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Untertitel: Physical Examination in Art Historical Studies. 'Materials & Meaning in the Fine Arts'. New ed. 50 color + 217 b-w illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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