Women Reading Women Writing

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As self-identified lesbians of colour, Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldua, and Audre Lorde negotiate diverse sets of personal and professional worlds. This book examines the ways in which these writers, in both their creative and critical work, engage in self-analysis and the construction of alternative myths and representations of women.


Acknowledgments 1. Threshold Identities 2. Mythic Ways of Knowing? 3. Transformational Identity Politics: Seeing "Through the Eyes of the Other" 4. Back to the Mother? Paula Gunn Allen's Origin Myths 5. Writing the Body/Writing the Soul: Gloria Anzaldua's Mestizaje Ecriture 6. Inscribing "Black," Become...Afrekete: Audre Lorde's Interactional Self-Naming 7. Crossing Over: Toward a Womanist Genealogy Notes Works Cited Index


"[A] critical work that brings to the reader insight into the literature of three radical, passionate and talented lesbian writers...Keating revels in their artistry and wants to share with the reader the beauty and power of their work, especially its potential for feminist transformation." --Lesbian Review of Books "As feminist criticism sometimes appears to be trapped in a presumed opposition between identity politics and postmodern theories, we need new ways of thinking about gender, identity and language. AnaLouise Keating's intelligent and lucid study of Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldua, and Audre Lorde suggests that their transformational identity politics offers one way out of what has been shaped as a dualistic and often hostile conflict. Women Reading Women Writing is an important addition to the literature, one that every feminist scholar and theorist will want to read." --Bonnie Zimmerman
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