Mobile World: Past, Present and Future

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August 2005



There is a growing body of interesting research exploring the social shaping of mobile phones, covering a wide range of topics, from new forms of communication, to the changes in time organization, the uses of public places, the display of emotions and the formation and sustaining of communities. This book evaluates the launch and adoption of mobile phones, drawing out lessons for the future. In particular, it explores how social scientists can collaborate with designers and engineers in the development of new devices and uses. It will interest people from both industry and academia. Those working in the mobile communications industry in strategy, design and marketing will find this book of particular interest. In academia, undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as researchers in a wide range of social science fields will find it a useful reference: sociologists, economists, psychologists in areas such as Science and Technology studies; Cultural studies and New Media studies.


Introduction Part 1: Lessons from the past Mobile Telephony History Repeating? Corporate Governance and Innovation in Mobile Telecommunications Youthful Futures? Part 2: Present uses Emotional Attachment to Mobile Phones an Extraordinary Relationship Textmates and text circles: Insights into the social ecology of SMS text messaging An Evaluation of PDA as Workplace Tools Part 3: How to study the future Contextualizing the mobile Internet Using scenarios to access social science research in the development of future mobile technology Unified Messaging Services in Development, CSCW & Ethnography Conclusion


Now almost everyone in the developed world has a mobile phone and these have revolutionised how people communicate with each other and how people now live and work. This book seeks to identify and study some of the milestones in attitudes and technology that are leading to new methods of communicating, texting, gaming and messaging. These words even 10 years ago wouldn't have featured in the lexicon of mobile communication. The steep changes brought about by mobile communications have led the authors to contrast the past with today's world and to glimpse into the future.
Steve Hearnden, Telecommunications Consultant
This book presents a rich insight into how and why the mobile has become so important in today's society. It explores the strong emotional attachment that people have to these devices, and argues that it is people and not the technology that developers must put at the heart of future mobile offerings. A valuable book for industry and academics alike.
Dr Phil Gosset, Vodafone Group R&D
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