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November 2011



You can be sure your day is going to be perfect if you've matched your underpants to your t-shirt….
Just ask Oscar as he takes his harried mother through a day of glorious adventures, all the while reminding us that life's biggest treasures are found in the littlest moments.
Note from the Author:
<blockquote> In 2004 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time I had young children. The possibility that I would not be around to enjoy them, as they grew into adulthood, had a profound effect on how I viewed each day from then on. I learned to laugh at the small things and revel in the smaller moments.
May you enjoy the lessons I've learned from my son Oscar, since each of the experiences in this book really happened. And, as you read it with your little ones, look for the spiders and worms that are loose on each page and remember that each moment is precious; learn from your mistakes, and always take time to play in the rain. -Amber Tayler

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