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Aspiring jewelers will find their starting point with this handy up-to-the-minute guide to creating bracelets--funky, classical, or traditional--with beads. The 20 beading projects throughout this collection are conveniently presented with easy-to-follow instructions and variations to show how color can affect the design. Crafters will learn to fashion designs using lacing, cord, and ribbons as well as innovative materials such as metal, glass, and multicolored beads. Inspiration abounds with this easy, do-it-yourself approach to jewelry fashions.


Amanda Walker was born in Cambridge in 1958, and moved to Suffolk after her sixth birthday. She led an idyllic country life and attained a Diploma in Fashion.She has had numerous fashion and design jobs, designing everything from men's and women's wear, to handbags, shoes and belts.


Workshop on the Web:This is a good book at a good price. Making bracelets is an easy entry to jewellery-making and the author tells us that we will only need two pairs of pliers (flat-nosed and round-nosed) and a wire cutter. The bracelets vary from very simple, such as black leather lacing, to reasonably complicated but the instructions are clear and the photography, unusually for Search Press books, is excellent. This is a small book, A5-size with 48 pages. Peoples Friend:Bracelets are a great introduction to jewellery making and they never go out of style! Amanda Walker has designed twenty beautiful bracelets using simple techniques which will help you get started and progress quickly.Machine Knitting Monthly:Bracelets are a great introduction to jewellery making and they never go out of style. Amanda Walker has created 20 gorgeous designs for you to make using simple techniques and beautiful beads.Beadworkers Guild:If you are seeking some simple inspiration, we love the new series of books from Search Press. Aimed at jewellery makers already comfortable with basic techniques, they offer simple recipes rather than step by step instructions. The projects use commercial beads that could easily be substituted for your own beaded elements. Likewise, chains and metal elements could be replaced with strands of seed beads and beaded ropes. What we like is that for GBP4.99 you get a colourful book of ideas, showing scale and balance, proportions and bead mixes to inspire your beadwork projects. If you are itching to design but not sure where to start, these pocket money priced books could be a great source of inspiration. Alternatively, if you just want some quick make projects, there are simple to follow recipes.Sew Today:Four from a new series of six booklets by different authors, featuring a whole range of funky, imaginative and contemporary crafts. Each contains twenty innovative projects, which are accompanied by easy to follow recipes and close up photography.'Bracelets' is a great introduction to jewellery making - simply link a few beautiful beads together, attach a fastening and you are finished. Simple techniques, clearly shown provide a quick start to this fashion and craft trend.'Charms' are the latest trendy accessory and can be clipped on bats, jeans, key rings and belts providing extra bling to liven up almost anything. Once again simple techniques provide the starting point to create your own fashionable, wearable designs.'Necklaces' features fabulous, bold statement making designs with a great infusion of colour to complement the latest high street fashions.'Artist Trading Cards' are small cards which can be decorated in whatever style you choose with your contact details on the back, they are then swapped (never sold) for other cards. Trading becomes addictive and this book provides a broad range of techniques and materials. These great little introductory booklets are ideal for the novice crafter wanting a contemporary approach.Girlslife.comAmanda Walker's Twenty to Make: Bracelets is stock full of DIY crafts to keep your wrists oh so fashionable! These beaded essentials are totally adorable and with so many wonderful creations to choose from, there's something to fit everyone's personal style.Bead:Twenty to Make: BraceletsTwenty to Make: CharmsTwenty to Make: NecklacesAs I have a teenage daughter who is constantly wanting new pieces of jewellery I am always on the hunt for new designs and so when I was sent these three books Iwas hoping that maybe they would provide me with some inspiration for some new pieces. Having looked through these books I can honestly say that I now have enough ideas to keep my daughter happy for quite a while!In each book there are twenty attractive designs with clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful colour photographs. There are designs to suit all ages, from classic to funky, brightly coloured to more subtle tones. If you want to make a necklace, bracelet or some charms and like me you need some inspiration then these would be ideal. West Country Embroiderers: An interesting and informative book with full colour plates on how to make unusual and attractive bracelets. At last a chance to use some of those beads and bits from old necklaces. Fun to make and experiment. Biddy Franklin, Penzance
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