Preparing for Blended E-Learning

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Provides teachers and lecturers with an introduction to e-learning. This book explores the meaning of 'e-learning' and supports tutors in identifying how they plan to use technology to support courses that blend online and face-to-face interactions. It is illustrated by various case of studies. It is useful for teachers in HE and FE.


1. What is E-Learning and Why Do We Need It? 2. Online or Blended Learning? 3. Devising Learning Activities 4. Documenting Course Design Lesson Plans, Storyboards and Mindmaps 5. Blending the Old and the New 6. Supporting Students Online 7. Tools That Support Student Activities 8. Implementing Sustainable and Scaleable Course Design 9. Ethical and Strategic Issues


Glasgow Caledonian University, UK Institute of Technology, Open University, UK


'This book is a very readable introduction to e-learning and its role within blended learning. It could be recommended to a tutor new to e-learning or an experienced practitioner - both will find much of interest here, together with references to a wealth of recent research.' - ESCalate, Higher Education Academy "Littlejohn and Pegler have produced an interesting addition to the e-learning series. The notion of planning for blended e-learning is an important one and is supported here with well reasoned arguments and examples." British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol 39, No. 4, 2008. "The authors have discussed in depth every element of e-learning .Given the complexity of the material, the authors do a commendable job of pulling together the many strands of BEL in an accessible tone." Technical Communication, Volume 55, Number 3, August 2008
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