Artists Communities: A Directory of Residencies That Offer Time and Space for Creativity

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April 2005



Introduction by Robert MacNeil
The bible of creative residency programs returns, with fresh information and new features for artists of all disciplines. More than 300 programs worldwide are described, with 95 leading communities featured in two-page spreads with photographs. The user-friendly layout allows for quick scans of facility descriptions, deadlines, fees, selection processes, odds of acceptance, special programs, and more. For artists seeking to boost their creativity in a fresh and inspiring setting, Artists' Communities is the definitive sourcebook.
- Information on more than 300 residency programs worldwide, with 95 leading communities featured in photographic spreads
- Replaces ISBN: 1-58115-044-X
- Behind-the-scenes reports from five artists in different disciplines
- Edited by senior staff of the Alliance Artists' Communities

"A must for artists of all types."
-Art Times

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