Runners Training Diary for Dummies

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Februar 2001



The training diary that gives you that extra push to hit your stride.
This new, spiral-bound journal is just the ticket to help runners track and monitor their training progres. It features a 52-week calendar that you can customize to your own schedule and needs, plus expert advice on many health-related issues.


Introduction. PART I: The Training Basics. Chapter 1: Creating Your Workout Plan. Chapter 2: Just Warming Up. Chapter 3: Running the Right Way. Chapter 4: Cooling Down and Fueling Up. PART II: The Runner's Training Diary. PART III: The Part of Tens. Chapter 5: Ten Top Race Essentials. Chapter 6: Ten Top Running Songs. Index. Book Registration Information.


About the Author Allen St. John is the author of Bicycling For Dummies and Skiing For Dummies and is a former senior editor at Conde Nast Women's Sports and Fitness magazine. An avid recreational athlete, he has written about sports and fitness for a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines including Men's Journal, MH-18, U.S. News & World Report, Maxim, and the New York Times. He's a columnist for Skiing magazine, a regular contributor to Tennis, and a founding contributing editor for Bike, and he has covered the New York Yankees for the Village Voice for the past eight seasons, as well as contributed to the hardcover book and CD-ROM, The Way Baseball Works. He lives in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, with his wife, Sally, and two children, Ethan and Emma.
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