Residential Tenancies Law and Practice

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Incorporates the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 which took effect in February 2011. This book reviews the changes brought about by the 2010 Act, updates the case annotations and surveys all the cases.


Acknowledgements About the authors Table of Cases Table of Statutes
1. Introduction
2. Residential Tenancies Act 2010
3. Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Appendix 1. Table of Equivalent Provisions in Other Jurisdictions Index


Allan Anforth is a barrister at the ACT Bar who practises nationally in federal administrative law, employment law, human rights and welfare law generally. Peter Christensen is currently a Lecturer in the Legal Workshop, ANU College of Law. Sophie Bentwood completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney and was awarded first class Honours and the University Medal in accounting. Her thesis was published in Abacus: a Journal of Accounting, Finance and Business Studies.
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