The Social and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky

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April 2002



The Social and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky questions Chomsky's claim not to have a theory about the relationship between human beings and their society other than that which 'can be written on the back of postage stamp'. Edgley compares Chomsky's vision of the good society with liberal communitarian perspectives, and establishes that it is grounded in a hopeful belief about human nature. She argues that sympathy with this vision of the good society is essential for understanding the nature of Chomsky's critique of state capitalism, its inherent nationalism and the media. The author concludes that Chomsky's analysis is coherent and systematic when one acknowledges that he is not just a critic but a theorist.


Introduction. Chomsky: critic or theorist? 1. Political theory 2. The good society 3. State capitalism 4. State theory 5. Nationalism 6. Politics and the media Conclusion. Chomsky: militant optimist


'The Quality of Edgley's work is very high. The exposition of Chomsky's work is always clear and judicious. Edgley provides a sound treatment of the material and pays excellent attention to the broader context of the argument... In the existing literature there is nothing quite like this in its treatment of Chomsky.' - Professor David McLellan, University of Kent
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