Property Law

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A readable students' text and materials book dealing with all kinds of property law.


Part I. The Concept of Property: 1. Property law; 2. What we mean by 'property'; 3. Justifications for property rights; 4. Allocating property rights; Part II. Nature of Proprietary Interests: 5. Personal and proprietary interests; 6. Ownership; 7. Possession; 8. Fragmentation of ownership; 9. Recognition of new property interests; Part III. Acquisition and Disposition of Property Interests: 10. Title; 11. Acquiring title by possession; 12. Transfer and grant; 13. Acquiring interests by other material; 14. Enforceability and priority of interests; 15. Registration; Part IV. Proprietary Relationships: 16. Co-ownership; 17. Leases and bailment; 18. Security interests.


Senior Lecturer in Laws, Faculty of Laws, University College London. Lecturer in Law, New College, Oxford.


'Such broad coverage of the subject makes for a book which is unique in its field and which cannot fail to inspire the reader to engage at some level with the subject. ... In short, the book contains some hugely interesting and original pockets of analysis. ... it does provide a marvellous compendium of ideas which, if used in conjunction with an orthodox textbook, would be a real asset to students and academics alike.' The Cambridge Law Journal
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Untertitel: Commentary and Materials. 'Law in Context'. 6 tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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