Learning to Live Indoors

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Oktober 1998



The short stories in Alison Acheson's "Learning to Live Indoors" deal with family relationships. Acheson, who lives in British Columbia, has previously published two young adult novels, one of which was shortlisted for several awards. But although this collection is full of domestic detail, there is nothing cozy about the stories.'


Alison Acheson is the author of five juvenile/young adult novels. Her stories have been published in The New Quarterly, Grain and the Antigonish Review. She lives, writes and teaches in Ladner, British Columbia.She says of her stories: 'Variety is what I like myself, both in writing and reading. I enjoy feeling that I am in a unique head in each story. Life is short; I am only who I am. Writing allows me simultaneous reincarnation. Lives during life, I suppose.'


'Glossing sagely on the resilient question of what literature is for, Norman Mailer wrote in a recent book review that its true purpose is "comprehending a little more about men or women". In other words, the fewer pyrotechnics, recipes, space aliens or plutonium heists the better. Fiction can be an entertaining or comforting diversion from the traumas and banalities of life, or it can grace the usual (or the unfamiliar) with revelatory light. At best it offers not rote sensation, but an arresting and crystalline clarity. ... Alison Acheson has a gift of clarity. Of the twelve stories in Learning to Live Indoors, four achieve the crystalline in varying degrees. The rest, though less compelling, offer intriguing characters, some delicious twists and prose that remains lucid and assured.' Globe & Mail 'At her best, Acheson is able to capture in prose all those little emotional struggles -- the small, significant ones that really do go on in our minds -- that encapsulate ordinary living.' The Manitoban
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